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Rhino Wall Systems™ has been developed by I.B.B., Inc. over a period of 30 years of experience, research & development. Our main goal is to provide, full Wall Systems, Service and More for our customer's complete wall needs and usage.

We have had Installed our Exclusive Wall Systems in a wide range of locations and applications, from Residential, Commercial to Institutional and Governmental, making sure We comply with any City, County, State, Federal or even International Building codes.

Located in Lutz, Florida (USA) Rhino Walls Systems ™ is manufactured here in the United Sates, handcrafted and assembled in house, by our expert crew of certified installers and builders, giving you the confidence needed when it comes to maintain, repair or add any elements to your existing Rhino Wall System ™

Please feel free to contact us for Quotes, Project Developing or Business Opportunities.

Don Burkett CEO and Owner